Move-In: Day 1

Surprisingly the first day of move in was not bad at all. We normally get FLOODED with calls be all of the incoming freshmen; this year however we were able to keep on top of the calls and only had 5 outstanding calls by the end of the day. So all in all it was a major success. I was paired up with Little Billy all day and the two of us yucked it up and had a blast. Tomorrow should be way busier but maybe it won’t be, we shall see. I have my big presentation Tuesday for the entire CBA Freshmen class. I am excited. I’m going to amaze them all…

Whatever it takes...
In other news, DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION SEASON 5 begins in October! Not into the show? Or are you a fan that is excited as I am??? Watch the teaser commercials for the next season and tell me you’re not psyched for the new season:
Season 5 Preview
Season 5 Montage
Pregnancy Test
Paige, The Pot Head
Manny Santos, Soft-core Porn Star

That is all…

Till next time… “We A’int goin’ NO WHERE…”

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