Its a Revolution!

Nintendo Revolution!

So they finally released the controller for the Nintendo Revolution. Its pretty ingenious and damn sexy. Wonder what its all about? Read this: CLICK...

Degrassi: Season 5
Last night in Canada Degrassi: The Next Generation Season 5 Began. What was last night’s episode about you ask? Well I have not watched it yet. I have it downloaded but I have yet to watch it. BUT the episode summary goes a little something like this:

Manny is anxious to pursue an acting career. Unfortunately, she is not prepared for the harsh realities of living out her Hollywood dream. Meanwhile, Craig receives an unwelcome birthday present from Ashley.

If you remember the promo I put the link up to a while ago Manny’s promo was the one where the bra came off. So much excitement and SCANDAL. In other Degrassi news I will be meeting two stars from Degrassi this Saturday. If all goes to plan I will have photos…

Work is still kind of busy…

Till next time… “Checked into a HOTEL the place is creepy…”

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