A Tribute to Rocky IV

Rocky IV

The second installment of my tribute series is a tribute to one of the greatest films ever made…Rocky IV. You see not only is the best Rocky movie ever made its also, like I said before, it is also one of the best motion pictures ever to put on film. But why tribute Rocky IV? I’ll explain…

I know all of you have seen this wonderful movie so I will not bore you with plot details and we will get right to the point. Lets go over why the characters in this movie are so amazing:

Rocky isn’t really that awesome in Rocky 4. Without him though there would be no movie, so you have to give him some respect. The only scene that really stands out for me in this movie is when he goes for a drive in his sports car the night Apollo dies. He doesn’t even have any lines in that scene, its a montage for God’s sake. But for me that’s Rocky’s sweetest and best scene in the entire film…

Apollo Creed is the second best character in Rocky 4. He is so true and Coug-tastic that every moment he is on the screen is pure gold. From him his opening line “You fight great, but I’m a great fighter” to his tragic death in Rocky’s arms and at the feet of James Brown; ever scene is an out of the park home run…

He is DRAGO!
“If he dies, he dies” and with that Ivan Drago won over our hearts with his first line of Rocky 4. Drago, played masterfully by He-man himself Dolph Lundren, is a Communist wrecking machine raised on steroids and Gorbachev posters. He is out to destroy American democracy with his giant muscles and his wife’s communist vagina. Drago is such a douche bag however that his entire country turns their back on him in the middle of his match with Rocky. Way to let mother Russia down douche…

The Greatest Character in Rocky 4
Before I mentioned the 2ND greatest character in Rocky 4. You might have been asking yourself “Sean who was the best character in Rocky 4?” The answer to that is simple, the soundtrack. The soundtrack to Rocky 4 is unlike any other soundtrack. It was painstakingly crafted note by note by some of the greatest musicians of our time: Robert Trepper, John Cafferty, and Survivor. With the amazing, “No Easy Way Out” Robert Trepper provides us insight into the mind of Rocky as he reflects on the death of his best friend Apollo Creed. While he drives his sports car at tremendously fast speeds Rocky is reminded of the times of jumping and embracing Apollo on the white sandy beaches of California and other memories from previous Rocky movies thus of course while images of a sweaty Ivan Drago haunt his mind. The second gem is when Rocky arrives in Russia, Survivor basically sings a song that should have been titled “Rocky 4 the song”. “Burning Heart” is about the battle of East vs. West and Man against Man. It sounds kind of like Eye of the Tiger but he has sweeter explosion noises so there for it is superior to Eye of the Tiger in all ways. The final amazing sound gem comes when Rocky is training for the big fight. During his training montage we hear “Heart’s on Fire” which is all about the burning desire that is inside Rocky as he prepares for his big fight against Drago and continues to grow a beard so that he can run up a mountain in the snow and tell it who’s boss just like he did to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. If you do not have this CD you need to purchase it, get drunk, and then put it on. Guaranteed you’ll be rocking out in no time…

Part of the Sweet Training Montage
As you can see Rocky 4 is an amazing film and there are even more examples of how amazing it is. For a great summary of what happens in the movie visit Mike Valore’s Tribute to Rocky 4 it has amazing quotes from the film and a page dedicated to Ivan Drago. Its a Anglefire sight so its not that awesome but you can tell that Mike is a bigger Rocky 4 dweeb then me…

I hope you all agree with me on the amazingness that is Rocky 4 and I hope you all share your Rocky 4 memories and stories below in the comments…

Till next time… “Two worlds collide rival nations…”

12 thoughts on “A Tribute to Rocky IV

  1. Rocky with the beard working out in the barn looks EXACTLY like my dad back in the late 80s when he was in shape and rocked out the full beard look. hmmm… I kind of look like my dad, I’m going to start working out and grow a full beard in tribute of this great film.

    P.S. You forgot to mention Paulie’s robot. Not to mention the fact that water just beads off of Apollo Creed in the pool like a freshly turtle waxed black man.

  2. Oh and I could be wrong but I believe that Drago’s first lines in Rocky IV are “You will lose!” right after he touches gloves with Apollo.

  3. You know I am really dissapointed in myself for completely forgetting the robot. Jesus Christ HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN! Maybe I will do a tribute just to it, I think it deserves it no?

  4. i think the phil collins robot deserves a tribute too.

    “hey phil collins robot, can you grab me a beer buddy?”
    “no, phil collins robot, the beer, it’s in the fridge”
    “goddamn phil collins robot”

  5. Brilliantly done. It’s nice to see someone with an appreciation of Rocky IV. Personally I’ve always felt that the robot (happy birthday paulie, happy birthday paulie) was always under-valued. You should check out the parody of Ivan Drago written by Rob Bloom — it’s damn funny stuff at http://www.robbloom.com/creative/drago.htm.

  6. You may be the most unintelligent person that I’ve ever seen critique a movie. Only a complete idiot could post a tribute to Rocky IV, and actually believe that Rocky wasn’t the best character! That may be the stupidest thing I’ve ever read, oh but the soundtrack is the greatest character right? Wrong, Rocky is one of the best characters of this or any century and you write this pathetic tribute to probably the best movie ever made, but while doing so… You ignorantly and inadvertanly bashed this spectacular movie. This was such a poor tribute that I regret ever stumbling onto it. It was so terrible that I couldn’t even get through the entire thing! Your terrible writing and continuous praise of the soundtrack as the “best” character made me sick to my stomach. But the worst part of this whole terrible little site that you control, is that you have a retarded following of drones whose biggest concern with your blasphemy is that you didn’t mention the robot! Or some idiot that thinks his dad looked like rocky in the 80’s You should all be ashamed of yourselves and please kindly remove yourselves from civilization, to further prevent the spread of people with IQ’s less than zero.


  7. Happy Birthday (Jack Ass )”REAL” movie critic. How pompous to even mention your stumbling onto a website not worthy of your prowess of super logic. Furthermore, how about you stumble onto another porn site if you can chisle your fingers off the keyboard by this time. “…I’ll call myself Realmoviecritic!” What a fucking abortion case. DICK

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