Adventures in Philadelphia

Frolicing for Freedom

This weekend I went to Philadelphia’s Constitution Center with Crystal. It was quite an Amazing time and we really had a blast. I took a lot of pictures with the Founding Father that I think you’d enjoy. Hop on over to my Flickr and check them out…

Click here to enjoy all the Time Traveling Fun!

Hope you enjoy them…

Till next time… “Glory Glory Halleluja…”

3 thoughts on “Adventures in Philadelphia

  1. Simply amazing gallery, thank you I needed this this morning. Nothing like starting your work week off laughing hysterically at the joys of patriotism.

  2. I’d love to celebrate Freedom with you. And no it is not free to celebrate Freedom, unless you are under the age of 4 then freedom is free otherwise its $9.00 for adults and $7.00 for children.

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