Rider News Highlight

Rider University

I wanted to share this story with you from this week’s issue of the Rider News. This is taken from this week’s security briefs:

A wild and drunken chase on and off campus ended in arrest for one unlucky male visitor on Friday, Oct. 21. While on routine patrol at 12:47 a.m. on South Drive near the Bart Luedeke parking lot, a Public Safety officer observed a man bleeding from the bridge of his noise. When approached by the officer, the suspect ran through the creek and into the woods toward the White Pine Apartments. The suspect then broke into an apartment through an unlocked kitchen door and attempted to put a Tupperware container into a blender. The resident called Lawrenceville Police Department the victim was arrested for trespassing and underaged drinking. A Persona Non Grata (PNG) has been issued to the visitor by Public Safety.

Source: The Rider News

Halloween is this weekend. Be safe everyone…

Till next time… “Candy Apples & Razor Blades…”

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