10,000th Hit Film
The past 24 hours I’ve been watching my short films over and over again. I have to say I am pretty damn good at making those things. The ones that still continue to withstand the test of time are the following:

Beast in the Shower – Not only was it my first film it is probably my most “known” film. Everytime Tim makes that face when Juan walks past him I lose it. It never ceases to make me laugh.

10,000 Hits – This one I think over all was just a solid film all around. The music, the emotions, the photos; everything just tied together perfectly. While it may not be the one you all give me the most praise for I think it is my personal favorite although I’m not 100% sure on that.

Operation: Snow Car – This one actually has a plot to it. Probably the only one with a plot and lots of moving video. The Hives song really pulls this one together too and sets the tone for the whole thing.

404: The House of Dreams – A very popular one at Rider University. Probably my most emotional and nostalgic film I’ve ever done. This one also comes together thanks to the music.

Of course there were some mis-steps along the way:

Shane Pajak: SCUM of Bey Lea – I always thought this was a good “quickie” job but all of you seemed to hate it.

Snowledge Jumping – I actually made this one BEFORE I made Best in the Shower I just released Beast first. Due to my idiot move of not recording the actual video of the jumps and only taking still photos the whole purpose of this movie is defeated off the bat. The only saving grace for this one is the photo of me submerged in about 2 feet of snow with only my leg sticking out of the snow, everything buried. Also the Ace of Base song is fun.

Sean Piotrowski’s Tour for a Cure for Bordem – This one sucked because 1.) I spelled boredom wrong 2.) The Hummer never came through and made me feel like an idiot 3.) It was only a teaser trailer.

There is one film that only a few of you have seen and thats Studder Dance. While its probably my most embarassing video, its also my longest, largest, and its the only one I’ve lost. I have made arrangements for a copy to be delivered to me by my number one fan Mr. Plotts but we have not had a chance to meet up and make it happen. I promise though to premier this film once I do get a copy of it.

Did I forget any? Let me know which ones are your favorite and why. I’d love to know which films still withstand the test of time.

In case you didn’t know you can see most of these in my Film Repository

School is over. I probably failed my Econ final. 3rd times a charm as they say…

Going to sleep now…

Till next time… “ETERNAL LIFE…”