Closing Thoughts

Ginormous Sean

So 2005 is over. I have upgraded the backend of to WordPress 2.0 (not that any of your care) its cooler, more WYSIWYG-ish, not that I need that, but there are other features about it that I prefer more so.

Christmas was fun. I got Clothes, DVDs, & such as I always do. Nothing too exciting there. The Holiday Break was really nice I got to spend a good amount of time with Skanko , Turbo , & Mrs.Turbo . I also went to visit Crystal one night as well. I also realize now that I never took a photo of my super dork Christmas tree. Oh well I will have to do that when I return to my apartment tomorrow.

I’m kind of looking forward to going back to work. Its going to be real low stress with nothing major to accomplish. Also its nice to get out of there for a long period of time.

Anyone get a Nintendo DS for Christmas? Let me know we can trade friend codes. None of your got one though I bet. I know one person who did…

Thanks again to Mrs.1985 , 1985 , & Miss 1985-in-law for throwing their New Year’s Celebration. Lots of fun was had…

In the past during this time of year I would put some sort of top 10 list about who made the biggest blunders in my life for the year or who the biggest idiots I knew were or even who was the coolest person in my life that year. I realized I didn’t do that last year so I’m not going to do it this year instead I will make some predicitons/goals for myself and Here they are the first 10 I could think of:

1. Get 20,000 hits and Celebrate in Style.

2. Advertise and rope in more unknown visitors.

3. I predict I will have more unknown visitors then known visitors for the first time ever. Its already starting to happen. Check my stats if you don’t believe me.

4. New Interviews.

5. Get GregColeman to come out of retirement.

6. Start some new joint ventures.

7. Learn more programming stuff.

8. Get the banner at the top to link to the homepage.

9. Get a celebrity interview.

10. I predict a return to greatness in 2006 for I’m talking pre-2004 style greatness here people.

Notice how I didn’t write, “Post more” as a goal, thats because I feel I’ve finally overcome that problem. Also I feel I should mention that its almost 2 AM, I took a nap earlier, and I’m not tired. I will be spending the next few hours catching up on many things (Tributes anyone?). Thats right I got some plans to fill my draft box with actual completed entertainment! WOOO! Hope you enjoy…

Till next time… “BOOM SHAKE SHAKE THE ROOM…”

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  1. They are from Chris’ roommate George’s camera. Its like some $2,000 SLR job that he has crazy accessories for. It shows every flaw on my face. I never knew I was that shiny…

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