My Conversations with Joe Saint Michael®

Joe Saint Michael®
So every once and a while I like to check in with my favorite Christian Rocker Joe Saint Michael®. I visit his website,, to see if anything new is going on with good old JSM. For those of you who do not know, Joe Saint Michael® is a Christian Rocker from Mercer County who would often be seen on the Local Access Channel here in Lawrenceville, NJ. Many of us Rider student’s would spend out Friday afternoons after class kicking back and watching Joe perform. Those who have seen these performances will only then begin to grasp why so many of us love JSM. Anyway recently Joe Saint Michael® has made each individual track off his many CDs available for a $1 download. I had to jump at this opportunity because there were many songs Joe would perform on his TV special that 1985 and myself loved and cherished. I purchased 3 songs for $3 and never recieved my downloads so I e-mailed Joe about it and he said the following:


You should have been able to have gotten them. Contact Kevin at ***@****.cc He is the web master. You are going straight to the designer. Paypal was changing over accounts. I think something went wrong with the automatic system while they were doing that with the site.

Get back to me on all this. If we need to do this manually , Kevin will do it. If all this doesn't resolve itself quickly, I can send you the hardcopy albums in the mail at no extra charge. Check with Kevin tomorrow. ( Monday).


Wow, was what I thought to myself. JSM was willing to send me 3 albums for free if I had a problem. That is what I call customer service. I contacted the webmaster and he gave me the links to download very quickly. I e-mailed Joe to let him know and this was his response:


Thanks for letting me know. May God bless you in a special way this year.
- Joe Saint Michael

I couldn’t believe this. “May God bless you in a special way this year.” I can tell already that 2006 is going to be a very wonderful year for me and I owe it all to the magical powers of Joe Saint Michael®

Till next time… “Who’s the foolish one…”

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