SeanPiotrowski Rubberfacing

Everyone today I premier my latest short film:

SeanPiotrowski RubberFaces (Right Click and Save As)

I hope you enjoy it…

The reason for this short film is because of one man, 1985. You see after a long discussion today with 1985 we both came to a decision that we are both going to devote time and effort in helping 1985 realize his dream of making his brand of RubberFacing known to the world. In undertaking this venture we have both launched a website which will debut 1985 ‘s latest visions and masterpieces in RubberFacing. Right now it is only a Flickr page but we are discussing something even larger and we will keep you posted as to the developments. You can access the site here:

I will also add a link to it on the sidebar for your convenience…

That is all for tonight. So many things to think about and discuss…

Till next time… “If I can dream…”

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