The World Premier of Stutter Dance

Stutter Dance
So in 2002, when 1985 and I were roommates I invented this dance. You see after a night of partying sometimes I would be in the mood to dance and I loved the song “Stutter” by Joe. Don’t ask me how but some where along the line I would end up in my lab coat, that Shane stole for me as a Christmas present when he was working at Lens Crafters, and throw on my Elvis Sunglasses and 1985 would pop on Stutter and I would bust a move. After time passed on and people heard about this dance they would come and see it and they loved it. Word of mouth spread the popularity all around Rider and sure enough we had big audiences for when I would preform. 1985 just so happened to be taping on what turned out to be the final performance of Stutter Dance. I had made a movie out of it back in 2002 but it was lost. I thought it was gone forever until Mr. Plotts pulled through last week with the only surviving copy of the film. So I’ve recut it with new credits and now present you the World Premier of Stutter Dance. I had to host the film on Google Video do to the video’s large file size. Its the longest film (clocking in at 7 min) and the largest file (almost 50 megs). So I will be using Google to host it, via Google Video you can download copies of Stuter Dance for your iPod and PSP and thats nice. Give me some feedback on if you like the Google Video hosting as opposed to how the others are done. If you guys prefer the Google Video way I’ll move them all over there. So without further ado…

Stutter Dance

Till next time… “She said boy you lazy…”

4 thoughts on “The World Premier of Stutter Dance

  1. It was a stressful day, here at Merrill Lynch Corporate Recruiting. The new database was barely working and we were all losing our minds. Phones were ringing off the hook and emails filled with attitude were being sent to some VIPs … which will be regretted by all tomorrow.

    To try to liven the mood, I turned up my volume and played the Stutter Dance video for several of my favorite co-workers.

    It worked, I think.

    Thank you.

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