I’m Alive; Now Read This Book!

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People often ask me for book recommendations. Sometimes people don’t but they are big book readers and I feel they should read certain books. Thus I am beginning the first of a 6 part series on books. I call it “SeanPiotrowski.net’s Books You Need to Read Right Now” The First book in the series:

The Thief of Always
Clive Barker’s The Thief of Always
First off, this book is a very quick read. Its only like 275 pages and there are 2 pages worth of pictures for each chapter. When I read it originally way back when I banged it out in a weekend. I suggested it to Crystal and I think she finished it in a single day, so even if you’re a busy person you should be able to finish it very quickly. Anyway, this book has always had a special place in my heart because it is an evil children’s story. Not only is the plot behind this book very dark and demented but it also forces the readers to go on a journey of tempation through the eyes of a child. Imagine being a kid and being tempted with everything you could ever want: Christmas everyday, Halloween everyday, all the food you can eat, whatever food you want, all of your wishes coming true, etc. now put a dark and sinister force behind all of it and you’re in for a very interesting read with a very powerful message at the end. There was talk of them making an animated version of this movie but that never happened. I’d love to see this story on the big screen. Do yourself a favor and pick it up I doubt you’ll be dissapointed in it…

How about that snow this weekend? Crazy huh???

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