Hollywood Causes Cancer

Hollywood Causes Cancer : The Tom Green Story
Book 2 of 6

So my second book is Tom Green’s Autobiography “Hollywood Causes Cancer”. A lot of you probably will say to me, “I’m over him” “He’s so immature and childish” or something to that effect. I say “Tom Green is a genius”. No really I will say that again, “Tom Green is a genius”. But really if you do not agree with me thats fine, its not important for you to like him to enjoy the book. In reality Tom tells his life story which is really quite faciniating. His rise from total obscurity in Canada to Television Sweetheart in the USA and back down to obscurity again. He discusses his marrage to Drew Barrymore and why it fell apart in 100% complete honesty and that part in itself is worth the price of the book and will probably make you hate her if you didn’t already. The book is just filled with Tom’s sense of humor and is really funny. He has so many classic stories that he shares throughout the entire length of the book. I think this book will give you a new found respect and understanding of Tom Green and also Adam Sandler. Why Adam Sandler? (You’ll have to read the book now won’t you…) I think its out in paperback now so go pick it up it’ll be cheap and a run read…

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