Dave’s Way

Dave's Way
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Anyone who has known me since at least College will tell you that if there is one vice that I have its that I love Wendy’s. This however wasn’t always the case. If you asked me in high school where my allegiance lied in terms of Fast-Food it was Burger King. I remember being able to roll up to the Drive Thru Junior year and being able to say “I’ll have the Usual Please” and that would cover not only my order, but also Chris Boylan’s order, and Mike Mingone’s order. Not many people are able to do that. Anyway while working at Freehold Funcoland during 2000-2001 I was turned on to Wendy’s by a co-worker. After that I ate Wendy’s for a solid year. Shortly after that Dave Thomas died. While chomping away a cheese burger one night with Shane in honor of Dave Thomas, I stared at the Flag, which was at half mast, and contemplated my own mortality and more importantly what made Dave Thomas the man he was to us all. I learned shortly there after that Dave Thomas wrote an autobiography and I quickly tracked it down online for 49 cents and thus my journey into Dave Thomas’ world began.

Dave Thomas lived an incredible life and his story of his young years thru his start of Wendy’s is one full of great wisdom, anecdotes, stories, and tips on life. Did you know that if it wasn’t for Dave Thomas there would be not KFC? Want the full story? Read the book. Dave’s Way had a profound impact on me as a person and gave me many valuable lessons that I brought with me to the workplace. This book was also the single reason I decided to invest in the Wendy’s Corporation. I felt that if a company founded by Dave Thomas was as successful as it was it had to be for a reason and that reason was an obvious one; Dave Thomas…

On a side note the decision to invest in Wendy’s was a very very wise one and I owe it all to this book…

Till next time… “L-O. V-E. All I needs my Love Machine…”

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