4th Anniversary

Today is the 4th Anniversary of the first JMU Birthday Celebration. What does that mean? It means its GregColeman’s 24th Birthday. We don’t acknowledge many birthday’s here at SP.net, other then my own, but because GregColeman has been a valuable asset to both SP.net and SP himself we take this opportunity to do so. If I may now at this point I’d like to say to GregColeman:

Greg, next year will be the 5th Anniversary. 5 year anniversaries are a pretty big deal. Its common knowledge that the 5 year anniversary is the “Wood” anniversary; if we do not do something to honor both your birthday and the 5 year anniversary of JMU then we are doing a great dis-service to the world. Think about it, we got an entire year to plan this. Maybe we can have 70 gallons of Sex Juice this time?

Rest of the book series is coming…

Till next time… “We’ll I guess we’re gonna have to take control…”

One thought on “4th Anniversary

  1. SP (the ghost) – please allow me to take a moment to thank you for your kind words.

    Being a loyalist to the sp.net family has been nothing short of an honor over the years. I am proud to be one of the founding fathers of the sp.net fan club.

    Moving forward – I know that you have been a proponent of the continued JMU tradition. It’s hard to look back on those amazing birthdays and not want more, myself.

    I do believe a dinner is in order. We should bring a pad and some markers and start brainstorming. If we wanted to go overboard, maybe we could establish a birthday commitee – for which you and I would be the commitee chairmen and spokespeople. I can see us throwing a party to end all parties – not in the name of Greg Coleman, but rather in the name of tradition.

    When would you like to get this ball rolling, my friend?

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