The Rock has been Defeated

Anyone who has met me in real life knows there is a part of my body that is referred to as “The Rock”. “The Rock” is the name of my stomach. Its called that because its giant like a fat gut and is rock solid. The fact that it is rock solid is very strange and gives my stomach a unique characteristic. A few months ago Turbo started to refer to “The Rock” as “The Boulder” because it seemed to be getting larger in size. Anyway today I found the above video and realized that “The Rock” has finally met its match and I now am relinquishing my crown as “King of the Stomachs”. I think its time for the “The Rock” to depart from my body anyway because I got a new Volcom blazer that fits a bit too snugly because of it. So let this be my final send off…

“The Rock” we hardly knew thee…

Till next time… “::CRASH BANG BOOM::”

One thought on “The Rock has been Defeated

  1. this video makes me want to have sex with 12 year old girls. craig, you know what i’m talkin bout.

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