MySpace: A Place for Criminals

“I knew there was a good reason for not ever liking Tom…”

So I was poking around ValleyWag this morning when I stumbled upon an interesting article about MySpace. Currently there is a journalist by the name of Trent Lapinski who has been researching the true origins of MySpace. Would you be surprised to know that Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe did not develop MySpace themselves in their “garage” as we’ve been lead to believe? How about the real truth that MySpace was founded by SPAMmers and ex-cons and Tom and Chris are merely figure-heads giving MySpace its legit front. Trent is still working on his article, which is due to be published in June, but he has posted some of his findings already. Why don’t you take a gander at what he has to say. Its pretty interesting stuff, ValleyWag has compiled them all for us here in their artice on the subject: CLICK

Till next time… “We have dropped the customs and the things they say…”