Wanna Download a Video?

So I was reading a co-worker’s blog today and he posted a link to some useful software. Ever go to YouTube, MySpace Video, or Google Video and want to download the video to watch on your iPod or just wanted to have a copy on your desktop? Well now you can! Check out VideoDownloader. Its a Firefox extension so you have to have Firefox to use it. Being that I don’t use Firefox, because I do not like it; I like IE7 (even with its flaws), I have been unable to test it out for myself. But I know a lot of you use it and WORSHIP it so I figured I’d pass it along.

Things are pretty boring today…

Class tonight wooo…

Till next time… “::Copy Machine::”

3 thoughts on “Wanna Download a Video?

  1. wait… i’m retarded. somehow i missed the actual 20,000 hits post and thought you just posted the video pre-emptively. yeah. i’m gonna take a nap.

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