I Guess People Just Don’t Get It

I guess people still just don’t get it. So today there is an article about how conservative pundit Ann Coulter has called out the 4 New Jersey wives known as, The Jersey Girls, for their comments about President Bush and 9/11. Shes called these women “The Witches of New Brunswick” for their comments, which to me is pretty much the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. My post here isn’t about who is right and who is wrong. Nor is it about whether Ann was wrong for saying what she did. My post is about the response shes getting. If you haven’t read the article I just mentioned go read it and then finish my post. I’ll wait…

So you have Matt Lauer steamed, you have the Jersey Girls steamed, and you have Republicans and Democrats steamed. What else do you have? You have Ann’s book rising up the book sales charts. Currently its #3 on Amazon.com best seller list and yesterday, before this story broke, it was #5. It wouldn’t surprise me either if it went to #1 by weeks end. So what has all this backlash done? Its sold her more books, thus putting more money in her pockets. There by helping her. Everyone thinks they’re going to do some harm to a person such as Ann when they speak out against the book she wrote that just happened to be released a few days ago. But they’re wrong, they help it. Like the old adage says, “There is no such thing as bad publicity” and that couldn’t be more true here. I can imagine that “The Witches…” are probably really angry that Ann has said some “nasty” things about them. But what if those things are true? I don’t any of the facts on these accusations but think about it; what if these women has profited from their position as “Widows of 9/11”? How is that fair to the other thousands of people who have not made a dime or even had their voices heard on the subject of 9/11? Its absolutely not fair. I hope that Ann’s comments are proven to be true and that “The Witches…” as exposed for what the really are if indeed that is the case. 9/11 wasn’t their own personal tragedy it was our Nation’s and I don’t remember these 4 women being elected to represent all of those who were effected by it. So I give Ann some points for calling out people who have profited unjustly from 9/11. I just hope, for her own sake, that those claims shes made are true…

Moral of this story: If you really want to hurt someone for something they’ve said. Don’t acknowledge it.

Till next time… “::Whiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr::”

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