2 thoughts on “Photo Booth is Fun

  1. I call it the myspace camera…go to a store one day and see all the 18yr old girls and younger taking shots in the store not only to then log in to myspace and send them up there…its pretty damn funny. I am glad Rider actuly might go Intel on there Macs…

  2. Wow Sean, I’m sure you used the software on your pics when removing some of the acne scars from your face. I can’t believe that there are losers such as you in this world. You are really a poster child for partial-birth abortion. Go fuck yourself, take some steroids, earn alot of money, and some drunk girl might eventually relieve you of the duty of fucking yourself. Until then, you should know that you are not coming any closer to losing your virginity…. and the website IS NOT HELPING YOUR CAUSE!!!

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