Hello Governor

For the first time in my life I met, face to face, an important public official. Yea sure I did meet Robert Schroeder last year but he’s a nobody and I don’t even know who he is. But last night I met New York’s own Governor George Pataki. Gov. Pataki was at Rider for Constitution Day where he gave a speech on the constitution of the United States. His speech was excellent and he handled himself masterfully during the question and answer segment. Even with the jerk professor who decided to get up on his soap box and make a political statement in a completely disrespectful manner.

But I digress. The real highlight of the night was the reception where me and my College Republican executives got to meet Pataki face to face. I was introduced fist and I made sure to let him know that I was the advisor to the College Republicans. Then I promptly introduced my Chair and Vice-Chair and the Governor then proceeded to hang out in our little corner of the room and talked to us. It was a really amazing experience and it was a great honor to meet someone of his stature.

I hope you all one day get to meet someone like him…

Till next time… “Back in black…”