One Wiik Left


We are offically one Week away from the biggest thing to happen to me since the GameCube, the launch of the Nintendo Wii. What do I have pre-ordered? Lets go down the list shall we:
1 – Wii System w/ Wii Sports
1 – Wii-mote
2 – Classic Controllers
1 – Zelda for Wii
1 – Excite Truck
1 – Trauma Center: Second Opinion

I’m ready to rock and roll. I need to pick up and extra nunchuck I’ll try and secure that on launch day. All of this insanity goes down the week of my birthday. Its pretty insane and I don’t know really know how to handle it. I really cannot think of anything else at this point other then the Wii…

I threw a bunch of ads up on some sites including Dr. McNinja and its bringing in a lot of traffic, so WELCOME NEW VISITORS! There will be lots for you to read in the next few days, also be sure to visit the past posts for some classic material…

Till next time… “Freeways in full effect…”