The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

So I know I said I would tell you how great the Wii is. I said I would do this like two weeks ago. Problem is I haven’t stopped playing long enough to write about it. Well I had to go back to work today after being on vacation from Nov. 16th – Nov. 26th and figured now would be a good time as any to update and say, “The Wii is amazing I love it more then anything in the world!”

I’m halfway through Zelda. I can’t say if its better then Ocarina of Time yet though…
Trauma Center is a wonderful remake of the DS classic.
Excite Truck is fun, very difficult, but fun non the less.
Madden is incredibly fun and rewarding.
Wii Sports is the Be All End All Wii Title.
Rayman is hilarious and fun as well.

Go get yourself a Wii. If you have one leave me a comment and we can exchange friend codes. Then you can have a virtual SP.net running around on your Wii…

Wouldn’t you just love that?

Till next time… “No Communication from the poets to his kin…”