Fan Mail

“I picked this one because it has Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks on it…”

Its not often I recieve fan mail here at But today I did. Let me share that with you:

“Dear Sean,
i was on this afternoon from my work station and it totally made my computer crap out and loose what i was supposed to be working on

thank you you son of a ******”

Dear Sir, you shouldn’t be on while at work. I think its probably deemed NSFW by the NSFW gods. I’ve informed your supervisors of this infraction. I hope you enjoy collecting unemployment…

In other news their closing the first Wendy’s. You know the one that Dave Thomas built himself with his own bare hands. Its complete B.S. I am very saddened by this. Actually I’ve been in mouring for the past week and a half over this even though I found out about it only 5 days ago. I’m going to go back to crying now.