Top 10 Things I Learned This Weekend

While in CT this weekend I learned some things:

10. People in CT are pretty normal.
9. Indian Cheifs are actually old white men
8. All white men straight or gay cannot resist the urge to dance and sing along at a Justin Timberlake concert. (Me included)
7. You cannot buy liquor on Sundays in CT you have to go into RI.
6. Pink still is liberal.
5. Traffic lights turn off at 11 PM in CT.
4. Foxwoods Casino is a giant version of the Ocean County Mall but with 3 giant casinos inside.
3. Aaliyah tributes may appear during any concert at anytime.
2. The Mohegan Sun Casino is the Native American version of the Borgata.

and Number 1…

1. Timbaland and Justin Timberlake go everywhere together.

As if you couldn’t guess by now the JT concert was pretty amazing. My sister and I had quite a time together. Here is to the next show we go to…