Its No Phil Collins Robot But…


I don’t often write about Michael Jackson but today I saw this and felt I had to write about it:

50-Foot, Laser-Firing, Robo-Jacko
The DANGER ROOM has been prepping to defend humanity against giant, laser-firing robots for quite some time, now.
But never in our darkest dreams did we think those evil machines could moonwalk.
Michael Jackson is in discussions about creating a 50-foot robotic replica of himself to roam the Las Vegas desert…

It has now been claimed that his plans include an elaborate show in Vegas, which would feature the giant Jacko striding around the desert, firing laser beams. If built, the metal monster would apparently be visible to aircraft as they come in to land in the casino capital. It is the centerpiece of an elaborate Jackson-inspired show in Vegas, according to Andre Van Pier, the robot’s designer.

Luckman Van Pier, his partner at the company behind the proposal, claims blueprints have been drawn up for the show and seen by the star.

“Michael’s looked at the sketches and likes them,” he told the New York Daily News.

On the subject of the robot, he continued: “It would be in the desert sands. Laser beams would shoot out of it so it would be the first thing people flying in would see.”

Source: Danger Room 

If this robo-Jackson is built I vow to build a robo-SeanPiotrowski to have nightly robot dance-offs against him.