The Pope Grinds Sonnnnnnnnn

The Papal Skateboard

Grinding for God: Pope to Get 'Official Papal Skateboard' from Youths
NEW YORK (CNS) -- When Pope Benedict XVI returns to the Vatican, he'll be toting a gift not generally associated with an 81-year-old pontiff. He'll take home the "official papal skateboard," a gift from the youths of New York.The gift and a contest to design it started with a remark made by a teen member of the skateboard club at St. Elizabeth Parish in Washington Heights, a hilly neighborhood in northern Manhattan.

Father Peter Pomposello is a skateboarder and the parochial vicar at St. Elizabeth. As he recalled it, he was talking about the papal visit with the club members and they began to ask him questions about why the pope was coming and what he would do in New York.

"I said, 'We pray with him and we give him gifts,'" he said, "and one kid, without missing a beat, said, 'Let's give him a skateboard!'"


This is pretty much the most rediculous thing I’ve ever heard. Imagine if the Pope busted out some flatland tricks upon being handed his Papal Skateboard? That would be dope.