The Election As I See It,ca,ct,de,il,nj,ny,or,pa,ri,mi,wa,me1,me2,me0,md,wi,hi,ma,mn,vt,dc,nm&rList=ia,nv,sc,fl,al,ak,ar,wy,co,ga,mo,nc,ok,tn,ut,la,va,az,nd,oh,tx,ms,ind,ne0,ne1,ne2,ne3,wv,ky,id,mt,sd,ks&uList=&mapid=7552

>2008 Election Contest: Pick Your President – Predict the winner of the 2008 presidential election and enter to win a $500 prize.

As you all know I am not voting for McCain & I’m not voting for Obama. I saw this contest and thought it would be an interesting execerise for me in my ability to gauge the country. Let’s see how right I am.