New Look for My 27th Year!

Meeting of the Sean's

So now that we all know BLOGS ARE DEAD and that bullshit like Twitter are the Future. I have this internal debate on what will be in the future. I honestly don’t see any of these new platforms working for me. Outside of a weekly video podcast or videolog, the written form is the easiest and most convenient for me. So don’t worry things will stay the same. With that debate I decided its time for another new look. I think we’re now on our 3rd look since the move to WordPress. Anyway this new layout is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I only hope future WordPress themes get to be this feature filled. If only I had the knowledge to code my own SUPER THEME! I also find it to be a fitting theme for me being that I love Windows Vista and not many people do. Vista needs all the fans it can get! It deserves them! After all I’m not a Mac user I just play one on TV (work). So enjoy my new theme which I call Microsoft Windows Vista: SeanPiotrowski Edition!

For those of you keeping track I’ll be 27 on Sunday. 27.

P.S. I’m officially a college professor.

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