My Open Letter to Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain and her father, John McCain

So I’ve been secretly reading Meghan McCain’s blog for like the past few weeks and I think its time for me to let Meghan know a few things that have been floating around in my mind since I started. I always knew Meghan was blogged during her father’s campaign but I wasn’t interested really in reading what she had to say at the time. You see, like many other Republicans, I just didn’t feel her Dad was the way to go Presidentially. In my old age I see that my ideals float more and more towards a radical libertarian slant. In my mind, the Republican party has historically always stood for many of my most important of libertarian principals, but that hasn’t been the case the past 8 years. Anyway, I digress, so I missed out on Meghan’s blogging prowess during the campaign because I was disinterested in hearing from what I deemed the “McCain political machine”. Then on Feb. 19th everything changed for me…

Meghan McCain authored a post entitled “Why Republicans Don’t Get the Internet” and never before had a title peaked my interest more. Here I am a two time student of Information Technology, a professor of Information Technology, a blogger, and a disenfranchised Republican and Meghan McCain is going to tell me why the GOP doesn’t get the Internet. I couldn’t refuse this opportunity to learn from the inside why it is that the Republican Party as a whole are as computer literate as my Mother. You can read the article for yourself but this article really struck a chord with me. Here was a girl around my age, who might not be as “technical” as me, but sure as hell gets why the Internet is important to a political campaign when it comes to recruiting younger voters. I stood up and took notice. What became obvious to me more then anything while reading this post was that the GOP had an ace up their sleeve with Meghan McCain and they blew it. Instead of listening to her ideas and her perspective on the youth of today they reluctantly gave her a blog to shut her up and didn’t do anything with her suggestions or insight. Did McCain lose the election because of this? Not by a long shot, but there was something to be gained in all of this; relevance to a younger generation. Relevance is something that the GOP is now struggling to regain and it didn’t have to be that way.

Today Meghan posted about why she thinks people like Ann Coulter are bad for the GOP. I know I’ve made statements in the past defending some of Ann’s crazy ramblings but Meghan is onto something here. There are many people in America who do not subscribe lock, stock, and barrel to the GOP agenda/platform and those people who do not believe ALL are shunned by the inner circles of the GOP. I am one of those people and apparently Meghan is also amongst our ranks too. Then someone like Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter comes along and spews a bunch of nonsense about whatever and its a turn off. I know I’m tired of it and Meghan is too. She feels that people aren’t supporting the GOP because of people like Ann and Rush and she’s probably right, they are huge turns offs. Why would you want to be associated with the lunacy that is Ann or Rush?

So now I come to my letter:

Dear Meghan McCain,
You’re good at what you do. As you post more and more you will get even better. I’ve been at this whole blogging thing for almost 8 years and I can honestly say I’ve never read an “opinion blog” that has fired me up as much as yours. I think you need to keep exposing the Republican party for what it has become and as long as you remain as independent from them as you are now, I honestly believe you’ll do more good for them then they’d ever admit. I know there is a lot of venom spewed at you in your comments; just ignore it. I’m sure you already do but I just wanted to say it anyway. It’s rare these days that anything gets me to write a nice long lengthy post and you my dear have inspired me to spread the word. I wish you nothing but the best and I look forward to your future posts. Maybe one day we can discuss our philosophies on how the Internet fits into the grand scheme of things and not just the GOP?