The Ward: The Greatest Blog No One Remembers

I doubt any of you that read my blog still even recall what I am about to reminisce about. Shortly after I started in its current form of a blog, two friends of mine, Greg Coleman & Ryan Christie embarked on their own blog journey. Their blog was called TheWard. It was a professionally coded, constantly updated, and it was the central hub of a blogging community that in my opinion has never been duplicated. The posts were hilarious, controversial, & they often featured the graphical talents of Greg Coleman. The height of this Universe was in the years 2002 and 2003. There were a lot of memories made and I always felt that TheWard deserved to be archived and preserved for its accomplishments. However TheWard never got its shrine and it all but faded into obscurity…
Today, Greg and I were chatting on Google Talk and he asked me if I ever heard of Of course I had! He just discovered it. During our conversation I went and plugged in the old URL: Greg had already beaten me to this idea as he had told me he spent a considerable amount of time with it yesterday. As I began clicking through I realized that they had captured a sizable chunk of what TheWard was all about, especially during its most important years. Like catching up with an old friend, I was reminded of things I had completely forgotten about. It was a wonderful experience for me.

A lot of my early success as a blogger was because of being a part of TheWard Universe. It exposed me to a lot of other Bloggers in the country and even put me in touch with some of them. Two that come to mind are Trevor & Alecia from Arizona. I haven’t spoken to them in years but we’re actually friends on Facebook. Ryan and I haven’t spoken much either which is weird because his wife is from Lawrenceville and I live there still. But because of TheWard I was getting 1,000 unique visitors each month to my site. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to achieve that level of legitimate traffic ever since & that is fine.

So that leaves on person, Greg Coleman. We’ve remained close friends before TheWard and after. We discovered medieval knights together, celebrated two of the craziest birthday celebrations of all time (His 20th & 21st), lived together for a year, we were neighbors for 2, and we still call Lawrenceville our home. Greg has always been and always will be a friend who I value a great deal. But when Greg decided to no longer write for TheWard my heart was broken. I knew that TheWard would not be the same without his writings or graphics & I was right. Ryan kept TheWard going but it descended into a blog about coding and open standards. Which was what Ryan’s world was all about at that time. Greg never wrote for another blog ever again. For years I tried to get him to go back to it but it never took. I think Greg’s thought process on that has been that there is no Misfits without Glenn Danzig. Its just not the same without the original team. I can respect that.

So I ask you to go here:*/

Visit this archival collection of a blog you probably never knew existed, it will probably be a fun trip.

Also for an even more hilarious bit, read this interview with yours truly from January of 2003. It really captures what I was all about in January of 2003. Enjoy:

So to Ryan & Greg I say this final piece, you were both good Bloggers. You were an amazing team. Like all good things, TheWard came to an end. But you do realize that if you had stuck it out, you probably would have had a book deal or a TV Show or something right? Hell TheWard could have been for all we know…

Morons 😛

2 thoughts on “The Ward: The Greatest Blog No One Remembers

  1. I share so many of your sentiments, Sean. It was a great journey with Ryan all those years ago. We had our ups & downs together – including our battles with Tony P and Raymi. I’ll never forget when the girls sent me a Christmas card and Kelly got jealous. Good times.

    Our real-life journey with one another has been a fun one, Sean. We’ve shared so many great experiences together. Just the other day I found the video of my 21st bday, getting wheeled around in the Harrisonburg Hospital in gear. Classic.

    Here’s to many more years of friendship – online & off. Cheers, Ghost.

  2. I eventually ran out of reasons to be creative and life set in. Now I’ve got 2 kids and have lost much of the collegiate angst and free time. Greg was always central to what TheWard was and I think set most of the tone of the site which is what people really loved. Sometimes I want to get back into writing. Part of what made TheWard great was our absolute lack of a filter – today sadly I don’t think I could do the same.

    If we’d stuck it out, we’d probably be huge by now. As Coleman’s friends know, that guy is special. For TheWard, Coley was the special sauce.

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