An Open Letter to John W. LeMasney

Few people knew what I felt on on Friday July 18th, 2008. That day was one of great sadness and great excitement. Excitement, because I knew that upcoming Monday I would begin working for one of the World’s BEST Institutions of Higher Education, Princeton University. Great sadness, because I was leaving a place that was truly a second home for me. It was a place that taught me to be an adult, a professional, & a scholar. I made many friends during my years there and learned many valuable lessons. But the most important lesson Rider University ever taught me is that no matter how much we love a particular place, you have to move on when you’re not realizing your full potential.

The path you walked at Rider was not very different from my own. We’ve talked at great length over the years about how much Rider University means to us and how grateful we are for the time we have spent there. As you leave Moore Library tomorrow for the last time; think not about how much you will miss Rider, but about all the valuable lessons you learned from it, that you will carry with you to Princeton. You will learn, as I did, that those Rider lessons give you valuable insight and perspective even at a place such as Princeton.

Enjoy your final hours at Rider tomorrow and know that in spirit I am with you.

I look forward to seeing you reunited with your transplanted Rider Brothers & Sister at Princeton University on Monday.

Thank you for your knowledge and your friendship.

Until Monday,


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