Actually Blogging About Someting: Game Design Course

So after not having anything to write about for a really long time, I think I’ve finally stumbled across something worth documenting. This Fall I will be teaching “Intro to Game Design” for Rider University’s Computer Information System Department. The course was previously taught using a product called “GameMaker 7”. In my preparation for this class I have decided to move the class to Source SDK. I made this decision because many of the PC market’s top games have been developed recently in Source and I feel it will give my students some real hands on experience with tools actively being used for game development in the industry.

I have decided to chronicle my adventure with teaching Source SDK so that others can learn what a great platform it is for teaching Game Design. Hopefully some discussion will go on and questions will be asked. We will see how that goes. I plan on writing another post in the next day or so chronicling the work I have done already up until this point. From that point forward I will blog as I go.

So until then…