Intro to Game Design: Mid-Term Map Project

My students completed their mid-term map projects a few weeks ago and I’ve been wanting to update on the progress of the course. Everyone was required to recreate the map that is outlined for design in Half-Life 2 Mods for Dummies. I felt this was an important exercise for the class because it gave everyone familiarity with the tools and they all had a common goal that they could assist each other with if they needed to. It worked out well. The grades for this assignment were very high and I couldn’t have been more happy.

I selected the work of one of my students to share with the Internet as a representation of the map we completed in class. Andrew Ross is one of the student developers in my class who I felt demonstrated a near perfect submission. If you are interested in playing the map we completed you can download it here: Andrew Ross’ Mid-Term Map Submission

If you have any comments of feedback on the map feel free to leave it here. Also if you’d like to learn how to develop the map yourself, purchase a copy of the book here.

At the conclusion of the project we were lucky enough to have the map’s designer and our textbook author, Erik Guilfoyle  come and guest lecture. He talked to our class about the game development industry and what it is like to work within it. The students really enjoyed his talk and found it to be extremely informative.

Our class is now elbow deep in the development of their final projects. I will post about that and more at the completetion of the semester. Until then…