V/H/S – A Review

I haven’t been compelled to write a movie review on my website since 7/26/2005. Tonight Crystal & I watched V/H/S. I’ve been really looking forward to this movie since I first heard about it at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The word was that it was a fresh take on the found footage genre and that it pushed horror into a bold new direction. Also one of my new favorite horror film directors, Ti West, was involved. I thought this would be something that would really be exciting and worth seeing…

Sadly that was not the case for me this evening. V/H/S was pretty boring, unoriginal, and just overall disappointing. The concept of the film is that there is this group of jerks who break into a house looking for a specific VHS tape that will give them a lot of money. While searching through the house they watch a bunch of other tapes in hopes of finding the one they are looking for. The audience then sees 5 different stories each directed by a different director. The idea of a found footage anthology film is pretty original and was another reason why I was excited to see this but sadly most of these “tapes” don’t deliver.

I don’t want to give away too much as I know some of you might want to see it. But I will let you all know the ones I enjoyed: Amateur Night, The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She was Younger, & 10/31/98.  The rest was just so disappointing that it brought down my enjoyment of the rest of the film. Not to mention Amateur Night wasn’t THAT great but it was a good start to the film.

As I said before there was a lot of hype out of Sundance about how great, fresh, and original this movie is. I’m starting to think now that this was some “hype campaign” designed to sell the shit out of this movie when it hit On Demand this week. (It is not due in theatres until October) I hope this is not a new trend we can expect as movie goers from mediocre festival flicks.

Should you avoid this movie? If you aren’t a true horror fan that would want to discuss your thoughts with me on it, then skip it. You will probably hate it. For the rest of you horror geeks out there, see it and share your thoughts with me either here in the comments or track me down online and let me know…

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