Funcoland: A Poem

While cleaning out my “My Documents” folder in Windows today, I stumbled upon a poem. I don’t know when it was written as the date associated with the file properties is inaccurate. So without further ado here is my poem simple titled, “FuncoLand”:


There is a place I work
It is a place I play
Its name is in multi-colored letters
People come here for
Pokémon Crap
And to bother me
I sit in a chair and
Run my fingers through my hair
And breathe artificial air
My boss Wooza is from the Bronx
And he’s lived a life of hard knocks
We sell cleaners and such
And get annoyed very much
I love this place
This place of employment
I would go there everyday cause
It gives me much enjoyment

2 thoughts on “Funcoland: A Poem

  1. I was a little too young to remember this place, but it was mentioned in a retro video. Anyway, I noticed these three people in the first results. Did they found Funcoland?

    Gorgeous girl. My local Gamestop has a cutie there, too, but glad to know she’s legit

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